KeiganMotor has a USB Micro-B port and an I2C port (2 common buses) to enable wired control.

  • USB: Connect to your PC, etc. with a USB Type-A to micro-B cable,  etc.
  • I2C: Connect to your microcomputer board (Arduino, Raspberry pi, etc.)

Access to Wired Port

See the following to remove the connector cover. It has a USB Micro-B port and an I2C port.

  1. Remove the screw fixing the connector cover with a precision screwdriver.
  2. Pinch the side of the connector cover that had the screws, and remove the connector cover using the opposite side as a fulcrum.
  3. Pull out the connector cover.
The screws of the connector cover may be attracted to the magnetic force, be sure to hold the screws with your finger before removing them.

Wired Port Details

When you remove the connector port, you will see the connector shown below. Refer to the figure below for the I2C pin layout.

There is an error in the pin arrangement of 5V and GND, and the figures have been replaced. Refer to the figure below for corrections. (2018/11/16)

Setting for Wired Communication

Settings for USB Serial Communication

Baudrate: 115200
Data Bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: CTS on, RTS on (Hardware)

Default Settings for I2C Communication

KeiganMotor Slave Address: 0x20

(It can be changed by the I2CSlaveAddress command)