What is KeiganMotor

KeiganMotor is a Motor Module® type product developed for mainly rapid prototyping (rapid prototype development).

It is equipped with a DC brush-less servomotor and electronic components that move it, and if you have a power supply, you can immediately move the motor to create a robot.

It is a powerful tool for realizing ideas in research and development.
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Easy in any case

No complicated wiring is required. It operates on a commercially available USB mobile battery (DC5V) and can be freely controlled wirelessly (Bluetooth Low Energy) from smartphones and tablets.
It also supports wired communication by connecting to a PC, etc. with a USB connector.

Create a Robot Intuitively

By using KeiganMotor’s dedicated application, you can intuitively create a robot by the concept of “assigning functions to KeiganMotor”. The assigning function can be confirmed by the color of the application and the LED of the main unit. With this application, it is possible to coordinate control of multiple KeiganMotors.

Record Movement

You can directly operate KeiganMotor with your hands to memorize and play back movements. This function can be used with the buttons on the main unit, so no other device is required. 
Of course, you can also use it from other devices.

In addition, a torque sensing function, a function to directly link KeiganMotors wirelessly, and an attitude control by acceleration/gyro sensor are also possible.


Model No. KM-1
Maximum Torque up to 3.0 kgf・cm (0.3N・m)
Number of Revolutions 0.0001~260 rpm
Communication Method Wireless: Bluetooth Low Energy
Wired: USB (Micro B) / I2C Serial Communication
Rotart Encoder 14bit Magnetic Encoder(Resolution 0.05 degree)
Other Sensors Acceleration/Gyro 6-axis Sensor
Power Supply 5V max 2.4A USB Type A to C cable for external power supply (USB adapter can be used)
Size W 70mm x D 70mm x H 36mm
Weight 340g (Including the protective cover)

Please read「Safety Precautions」first to prevent accidents and KeiganMotor failures.