About the Required Specifications for the Power Supply

The following specifications are recommended for using KeiganMotor. You can use a USB adapter or mobile battery.

Voltage 5V Maximum Current 2.4A

When the Maximum Current is Small

The KeiganMotor can rotate at a current of 1A.
However, if a forced stop (lock) during rotation or sudden acceleration/deceleration occurs, the following phenomena may occur.

  • Maximum torque can not be output
  • Reset or stop output of mobile battery(※)

(※)It may be restored by pressing the reset button on the mobile battery.

The above phenomena may be a problem especially for the wheels of two-wheeled dolly robots.
(Because a large load torque is required during deceleration/braking)
Please use the following recommended batteries that can output more than 2.4A per port.

Recommended Battery

Manufacturer Product Name Capacity Output Current
RAVPower RP-PB060 6700mAh 1 port max 2.4A
RAVPower RP-PB052 22000mAh 3 port max 5.8A
1 port max 2.4A