Before using, please read the instruction manual carefully and use the product correctly.
In particular, please note that the contents below are intended to prevent harm or injury to people.

  • The KeiganMotor is delicate equipment. Do not drop it or subject it to a strong impact. The parts may be damaged or may not operate correctly.
  • The KeiganMotor is not waterproof, do not use in water or wet environments. It will be the cause of failure.
  • The KeiganMotor is not dustproof, do not use in environments with bad air such as dusty environments. It will be the cause of failure.
  • It becomes hotter than expected in a car in direct sunlight. Do not leave your KeiganMotor in a place like this as it may cause failure.
  • The KeiganMotor is composed of precision parts and electronic circuits, so please never disassemble yourself. It may not operate correctly or may cause a malfunction.
  • Do not touch the KeiganMotor’s electrical contacts with your hands. It may cause corrosion. Corrosion may cause poor movement.
  • If you move the KeiganMotor suddenly from a cold place to a hot place, condensation (water droplets) may form on the outside or inside of your KeiganMotor.Do not use your KeiganMotor as condensation may cause it to malfunction. Please wait until the water droplets disappear before use.
  • When not using the KeiganMotor for a long time, disconnect the power cable and store it in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place. Avoid storing in a place with high humidity as it may cause rust. Also, avoid storing it in a place where chemicals are used, like a laboratory, as it may cause rust and corrosion.
  • For KeiganMotors that haven’t been used in a long time, check before using it. Depending on the storage method, it may not operate due to deformation of parts.
  • When using KeiganMotor, please use the screws in the specified range. If a screw that is longer than the specified range is used, it may interfere with the internal parts of the products and cause trouble.
  • Please use an appropriate force to tighten the screws when installing on the KeiganMotor. Tightening the screws with excessive force can cause damage, for example damage to the threads.
  • Please note that if a device with a magnetic card or magnetic sensor is brought close to the side of the KeiganMotor, the data may be lost or the device may malfunction due to the magnetic flux leaking from the motor.
  • KeiganMotor can not be used for medical, aerospace, nuclear, and other socially and publicly important devices.