【1】Prepare the Smartphone App nRF ToolBox

Install nRF ToolBox in advance. (iphone / Android)

【2】Start in Boot Loader Mode

In order to update the firmware of KeiganMotor KM-1U series, it is necessary to boot the KeiganMotor main unit in boot loader mode.
The condition to enter boot loader mode is that the ▶ button (Playback) has been pressed when starting KeiganMotor.
Use one of the following methods.

【A】While pressing the play (triangle) button, insert the power cable(USB Type C to A).
【B】Operate the buttons in the following procedure.

1:Press the play (triangle) button (hold it down)
2:Press and hold the record (circle) button for 2 seconds or longer (it will restart automatically)
3:Release only the record (circle) button
4:Release the play (triangle) button

【3】Read the Firmware

Download the firmware (.zip file) directly to your smartphone or tablet.
You can also attach the zip file downloaded on your PC and send it as an e-mail attachment.
Click here for the download page

If you press and hold the download ZIP file, a dialog will appear, so select 「Read with nRF Toolbox」to launch nRF Toolbox.
Press「DFU」from the lined up icons.

[alert] If the「Read with nRF Toolbox」dialogue does not appear, or if you are using Android and it does not work, try using the nRF toolbox to directly read the download folder. Please refer to the video below.

Load zip file directly from nRF Toolbox on Android

【4】Update the Firmware

  1. Use the「SELECT DEVICE」button to search for the surrounding boot loader,
    select the device name「KM-1 DFU」or「DFU Targ」.

If you are not in the boot loader mode, the name remains「KM-1 XXXX#RGB」.

Even if you update in this state, it will be immediately canceled.

In that case, please try the above step 2 again.

Click the Upload button to start uploading and the progress status will be displayed on the progress bar.
Confirm that the gauge reaches 100% and「Upload Complete」is displayed.
Since it will automatically restart in the normal mode, confirm that the firmware updates has been performed normally.