Please download the latest version from the following, if you can’t scan from the app after updating, please try resetting the settings or resetting to factory default.

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    • Improved stability of I2C transmission (Please use Arduino library ver2.0.0)
    • Changed to be able to select Motor Measurement Interval from 2ms
    • Added a new API safe_run (if the next command does not come in a certain time, it will be stopped for safety)
    • Added a new API buttonSettings, triggerTasksetSettings, triggerMotionSettings (changed to be able to customize some body button behavior)
    • Added a new API read_error (returns the latest error helf by the KeiganMotor)

The new API is Arudiuno only at the time of firm release. Other languages updated as needed.

Download 2020/05/06 公開
  • Fixed a bug that maxTorque (maximum torque limit) is not reflected normally
Download 2019/1/12 公開
  • New API implementation (notifyPosArrival) that notifies when the target is reached during position control
  • Fixed a bug where the adjustment after the restart failed when how to change the motor part was implemented
Download 2019/11/12 公開
  • Eliminates vibration during long-term operation
  • Fixed the problem that the group ID is changed when changing from BLE to micro:bit mode
  • Changed the default value of I2C slave address
    (0xA0 → 0x20)
Download 2019/9/13 公開
  • Fixed an issue where reboots were occasionally repeated when updating from firmware below 2.00
  • Other bug fixes
Download 2019/8/15 公開
  • Other bug fixes
Download 2019/7/31 公開
  • Stabilization of task set playback
  • Fixed the problem that motion can not be played from the main unit button and prepare state
  • Create output function for all set values (readAllInfo)
  • Other bug fixes
Download 2019/7/29 公開
  • Fixed a problem that the behavior becomes discontinuous when positive and negative values are alternately sent by MoveByDistance
  • Stabilization of teaching/playback
  • Linkage function
Download 2019/6/28 公開
  • Fixed a problem that readMotorMeasurement response was not sent during I2C communication
Download 2019/6/21 公開
  • Fixed a bug that invalid value is written by resetting the factory default
Download 2019/6/4 公開
  • Fixed a bug that invalid value is written by saveAllRegisters()
  • Added API to switch to firmware update (DFU)  (enterDFU command)
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2019/5/29 Release
  • Bug fixes for setting value saving (saveAllRegisters command)
  • Fixed a bug that default value of micro:bit group ID is not 0
  • Added PID table function
  • Bug fixes
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2019/5/29 Release
  • Change the initial setting of PID parameter positionP: 2 → 5, qCurrentI: 18 → 20
  • Immediately after starting in micro:bit mode or Linkage mode, the LED blinks for 2 seconds.
  • Bug fixes
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2019/5/22 Release
2.00b (beta)
  • Added API that can set multiple PID parameters (selectPIDTable, etc.)
  • Bug fixes
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2019/5/17 Release
2.00m (beta)
  • Supports wireless connection with micro:bit (development with micro:bit MakeCode)
  • Addition of wireless direct link function between motor modules (Linkage)
  • Addition of external motion read/write API (readMotion / writeMotionPosition)
  • Other bug fixes
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2019/5/15 Release
  • API bug fixes
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2019/4/10 Release
  • Fixed the problem that EnableIMUMeasurement doesn’t work
  • Changed to return Success when EnableIMUMeasurement is executed again after EnableIMUMeasurement is executed
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2019/1/9 Release
  • Fixed a bug that the speed setting (speed) is exceeded during position control (moveTo, moveBy) immediately after startup
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2018/11/30 Release
  • Improved operation smoothness by increasing torque in the low speed range
  • Vibration reduction when a new position control command is received during position control
  • Improved operation when using the 「head」 function of the app「KeiganCore」
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/11/06 Release
  • [Dev]Added control by wired I2C communication
  • Improved stability during task set playback
  • [Dev]Interface command changed to reflect motor measurement value and IMU notification immediately
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/10/15 Release
  • When a command with a response such as readRegister is received, it is changed so that the received route is automatically determined and a response is made
  • API commnad additions and changes
  • Fixed a bug that eraseMotion(n) erases the next index (n+1)
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/9/24 Release
  • Implemented a watchdog timer (a function that restarts when the application locks)
  • Bug fix for task set recording
  • In case of abnormal temperature, error output and LED blinking notifaction
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2018/7/16 Release
  • Compatible with KeiganPlay (iOS app)
  • [Dev]Command added (planned to be described seperately)
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/7/7 Release
  • [Dev]Reflect the repeating argument and option argument of the motion playback command preparePlaybackMotion
  • [Dev]Fixed the problem that command can not be received by serial communication via UART
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/3/13 Release
  • Implementation of ultra-low speed controls (0.0001rpm~0.5rpm)
  • Improved accuracy of position control (within static determination error of 0.05 degrees)
  • Increased the number of teaching recordings and playable numbers from the buttons on the main unit to 5
  • Reducing vibrations during teaching operation playback
  • Added task set playback function from the main unit button
  • Specification change regarding relative position control
  • Addition of LED indication when writing flash and error
  • Factory reset added
  • [Dev]Implemented repeat count option in task set playback command doTaskset
  • [Dev]Fixed a bug that motor setting ownColor command doesn’t work
  • [Dev]Bug fix on command receiving process
  • Other bug fixes
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2018/1/31 Release
  • Bug fix on relative position movement (Moveby command)
  • Bug fixes for KeiganCore app
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  • Improvement of operation stability (stability in middle and high speed range by changing control frequency and adjustment of default PID parameter and improvement of high frequency sound at high speed rotation and load increase)
  • Fixed to display the full device name when connecting for the first time
  • Other bug fixes
  • [Dev]Added indication of flashing red LED of saveAllRegisters runtime LED
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1.03 B
  • [Dev]Fixed bug that q-axis current PID parameters can not be reset
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1.02 B
  • [Dev]Fixed to output echo log during USB serial communication
  • [Dev]Added extra q-axis current PID parameter change command
  • Fixed iPhone7 BLE connection failure
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