KeiganCore is an application that can control multiple KeiganMotors in real time.

KeiganMotor, robot functions, input interfaces such as buttons and swipes can be connected intuitively by connecting them through dragging and dropping. The created robot can be saved and shared.

Please refer to KeiganCore Application for detailed operation of the application.


Please refer to this video with KeiganMotor and simple operation.

Startup Screen

When you start the app, 5 tabs will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap each tab to move to each screen.

Tab Explanation
Edit Create, edit, and save robot programs. Simple motor operation is also possible.
Play This is a control screen to operate the robot edited with Edit in real time.
Pairing This screen is for connecting the KeiganMotor with Bluetooth Low Energy
List This screen is for reading and sharing the robot edited with KeEdit. You can also download a template (sample).
Setting Set the languate, etc.