Saving the Created Robot Program

If you restart the application or load another program, the program currently being edited will disappear, so save the created/edited program regularly.

  • Overwrite save
    Press the [Save] button at the upper left of the [edit] tab and select Overwrite.
  • Save as (if you want to rename)
    Press the [Save] button at the upper left of the [Edit] tab , select Save as and save.

Sharing the Created Robot Program

The created program can be shared with KeiganCore of another terminal via, DropBox, GoogleDrive, or memo.

Save in DropBox
  • Click the [Edit] tab > [Save] button to save. (Example) Name to “test”.
  • Click the [Share] button (Blue mark with a branch) on the [List] tab, select DropBox, and save it in DropBox.
    To use DropBox, you need to install and set the DropBox in advance.
Import from DropBox
  • Open DropBox and open「test.keicore.keicore」
    The extension is keicore.keicore to prevent bugs in some versions of Google Drive.
  • From (Export) of DropBox, specify KeiganCore in [Open in another app].
  • When opened with KeiganCore, it is saved in [List].
You can also save and recall using apps such as Google Drive and memos.
Save/load videos from DropBox
Save/load videos from Google Drive
Save/load videos from memo