With KeiganMotor, you can improve the tracking response and quietness of the motor by adjusting the motor. 

If you want to adjust KeiganMotor’s control parameters with the KeiganCore app, follow the steps below.
(Use these commands if the developer wants to set parameters with  commands.)

PID Parameter Adjustment Procedure

  1. Connect KeiganMotor
  2. Tap the KeiganMotor icon from the [Edit] screen.
  3. Tap the [Motor setting] button.
  4. Enter the parameters in the table below with sliders or values.
  5. Tap the saveAllRegisters button to save the value to flash memory. If you do not save, it will reset after rebooting.
  6. To reset to the initial firmware, tap the resetPID button. To save, press saveAllRegisters as well.
No. Item Explanation
1 Motor SpeedPID P Proportional (P) gain for speed control
2 Motor SpeedPID I Integral (I) gain for speed control
3 Motor SpeedPID D Derivative (D) gain for speed control
4 Motor Position PID P Proportional (P) gain for position control
5 Motor qCurrentPID P Proportional (P) gain for current control
6 Motor qCurrentPID I Integral (I) gain for current control
7 Motor qCurrentPID D Derivative (D) gain for current control

Motion Control Setting Procedure

  1. Connect KeiganMotor.
  2. Select the curveType on the [Motor Setting] screen. Please refer to the table below.
  3. Tap the saveAllRegisters button to save the values in the flash memory. If you do not save, it will be reset after rebooting.
curveType Motion Control Settings
CURVE_TYPE_TRAPEZOID Motion Control ON (Trapezoidal Acceleration/Deceleration)