KeiganCore is a visual programming application that connects block-type modules together.
In the Robot creation from template, we used the robots prepared in advance and the setting of KeiganMotor, but here we will create a robot from step 1.

It is a method of creating a robot, but it is an image of connecting each icon called “Module” with lines.
Double-tap any square on the [Edit] tab screen. Modules such as Input and Robot are displayed.

Remember the following terms.

  • Module … Refers to each icon in the [Edit] tab. Includes “robot” and “input”.
  •  Binder … Refers to the connection port of the module. Create a program by connecting the binders of each module with a line. Connection port for connecting various data mounted on the module. There are various types of binders depending on the data format, and only compatible items can be connected.
  • Input … Create an interface to control the robot. Exchanges the specified type of data with robots and the KeiganMotor. For example, the [XYPad] module replaces the screen swipe operation with data and sends it.
    • Robot … It is a module for calculating data. Exchanges a fixed type of data with the KeiganMotor and inputs it. For example, [2-wheeled car] realizes the movement of a robot with two wheels on the left and right.

Basic Usage

 Add Module
Double-tap a blank square in [Edit] to display the module list. Select and add.
Move Module
Press and hold the module > drag it to a blank cell.
Switch Modules (KeiganMotor module only)
KeiganMotors can be switched with each other by dragging. If you accidentally connect the left and right KeiganMotors, you can swap them by dragging.
Connection Between Modules
When you drag and drop modules, binders that can be connected to each other are displayed.
Binder Connection Method
  1. If you drag and drop modules, binders that can be connected to each other will be displayed.
    ・Items already connected to others are not displayed.
    ・The connected objects are displayed in green.
  2. Tap the destination binder > show icon on right side > Tap –> Connect in blue
Module Parameter Adjustments
Modules have their own parameters (like guitar effector volumes).
Finer controls is possible by changing the set value.
Also, buttons, KeiganMotors, etc. can confirm the operation on the spot. Preview operation is also possible.
  1. Tap the module icon > Setting
  2. Various parameter settings and preview operations are possible.
Module Execution
The final operation after the program is completed is on the Play screen. All control parts such as 
 buttons placed on the Edit screen are displayed on the Play screen.
Modules will be added in future updates.

Program Creation Example

(Example 1)
Using one of the input modules, “PUSH button” and the KeiganMotor, we will make a simple program that controls rotation and stopping with buttons.
In the latter half, we are implementing the procedure to control two KeiganMotors with the same button.
(Example 2)
Further extending from Example 1, while controlling the rotation and stop of one KeiganMotor with buttons, the “Gear” module is used to control the other KeiganMotor in cooperation.