This will explain how to operate the KeiganMotor using KeiganCore.

KeiganMotor Connection

1. Connect to Power

Connect to the USB Type-C connector.
See here for details.

2. Start KeiganCore

Turn on Bluetooth on your device and start KeiganCore. After starting, start from the [Pairing] tab.

※The language switching app default setting is English.
You can switch your language from  [Language] in the [Setting] tab.

3. Search for the KeiganMotor

Press the [Scan] button in the upper left of the [Pairing] tab to search for KeiganMotor around you.
KeiganMotor will appear in the list on the [Pairing] tab.

It has the same icon color as the LED when the KeiganMotor starts.
Select the KeiganMotor to connect to in the list, and tap it to connect to the KeiganMotor.

4. Make it Work

The connected KeiganMotor icon will be displayed in the [Edit] tab, and you can perform various operating by tapping the icon.

5.Other Settings

The following information is displayed  below the measurement values display.
■Current position of the motor(position)

When you operate the [Run At Velocity] slider, the KeiganMotor will rotate accordingly.
 Press [Send] under [Hard Stop] to stop the KeiganMotor.
Detailed control options such as LED’s and position control can be displayed by turning on [Display advanced device] from [Settings].